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Nataliya Nikolenko

Nataliya Nikolenko‚Äč

Nikolenko Nataliya was born in a Ukrainian city Dnipro.

Disabled childhood, my diagnosis was “Arthrogryposis” of the upper and lower limbs. Abandonment by parents and life in an orphanage, and then I lived in a nursing home. I lived in that nursing home for a very long time, and then the war started, and I evacuated to Canada. At the age of 16, I acquainted with Petrykivka’s paintings for the first time. At the age of 19, in 2006, I received the “Pride of the Country” award in the nomination “Power of Spirit”, for the paintings I draw with a brush I hold with my teeth. Years 2007-2008, treatment in Miami. I went through extremely complex surgeries, but even then I drew through the pain. A personal exhibition was held, after which newspapers and television commented on the achievements with headlines such: “Ukrainian flower moved the souls of citizens of Miami!”. A short film “Bird without wings” was shot about me by a director from Zaporizhia, Serhiy Andriyenko.